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Kathleen M. Moran, owner and working reporter of Moran Court Reporting Chicago, LLC, has been in the business of providing elite court reporting services for more than three decades.  The personal touch you receive when working with a reporter-owned agency is our hands-on (pun intended) experience and keen understanding of the litigation process.  Our unparalleled commitment to accuracy, as “Guardians of the Record,” is bar none.

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Above all else, our commitment is to produce accurate testimony for a diverse and large array of clients.  From depositions to trials, streamlining testimony via any device, from any location in the United States.

Our goal is quality over quantity, and our mission is to build on our customer-centric business model by providing the most precise and professional court reporting services in the region.

We strive to maintain excellence and precision on each and every job, while keeping up to date on the cutting edge of modern technology.  We service Chicagoland and all surrounding areas.  We also travel wherever the business takes us…regardless of City or State.

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